Incompressible flow simulation on vortex segment clouds

Shiying Xiong, Rui Tao, Yaorui Zhang, Fan Feng, and Bo Zhu
ACM Trans. Graph., Vol. 40, No. 4, Article 98. Publication date: August 2021. [PDF]
We propose a novel Lagrangian geometric representation using segment clouds to simulate incompressible fluid exhibiting strong anisotropic vortical features. The central component of our approach is a cloud of discrete segments enhanced by a set of local segment reseeding operations to facilitate both the geometrical evolution and the topological updates of vortical flow. We build a vortex dynamics solver with the support for dynamic solid boundaries based on discret segment primitives. We demonstrate the efficacy of our approach by simulating a broad range of challenging flow phenomena, such as reconnection of non-closed vortex tubes and vortex shedding behind a rotating object.
We thank Danielle Poole and all the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments. We acknowledge the funding support from National Science Foundation (1919647). Rui Tao acknowledges the support from the China Scholarship Council visiting research student award. We credit the Houdini educational licenses for the video rendering.
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